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Thread: how to download 700mb files fast

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    can anyone recomend the fastest way i can download, either bittorrent or other media file types in 30-60 minutes, whether you hve to pay for that kind of speed, or there are programs or sites to download from, just wanted to know whether it's possible, one suggestion was that there is a program that allows you to compress a 700mb file to a 50mb file but i'm not to sure, so just wondored whats best and fastest way to download either torrent or other media files on the internet??

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    no, 700MB files get split into 14.7MB parts. 4GB files get split into 49.7 mb parts. in the end you still have to download 700MB/4GB depending on the size.

    I think this is what your friend is talking about. or thinks hes talking about

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    The fastest way to download over the internet would be through Newsgroups or FTP. That being said, you have to have the connection to download fast.

    This link will explain the idea of speed, while this one will explain bandwidth connections.

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    If I'm downloading it would probably be http (I get a clean 700kb). So thats what I do.

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    youll easily manage it in less than 60mins on a private bittorrent tracker if youve got a reasonable connection, just hand around here for a while

    plus its free unlike newsgroups....

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    sounds intresting

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    in your dreams
    looks like you've been around asking this question:

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    700mb with bittorrent shouldn't take too long!

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    heard that 2.. so, no bueno. i use privates 4 new/rare shit. otherwise i use the pubs, no ratio

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    P2M is pretty fast, assuming the mail server used is indeed a fast one.

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