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Thread: Refreshed

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    Ah..there is nothing like returning from a two day suspension! I feel "supercharged"! Just wondering.....what does it take to get a permenent banned here? LOL!

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    spelling mistakes

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    suspensions and bannings is soooooo 2004 newb

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    sooo much yellow ink in there ^_^

    good work Don'tCare.. I'd never thought of smilie usage in that way

    ..or maybe the software hasn't allowed it b4 but good good anyway

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    Them lot are very serious about they're invites ain't they.

    All spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in my post's are intentional.

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    yah. it seems an extention of when kids had sticker albums at school, or people who collect wicker ducks etc..., it's possible to get a compulsion to need more but if they'd let themselves step out a bit and look in... they'd see they put too much stock in it for the actual effects I would guess.

    All conjecture of course but I'm pretty sure

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