Ubisoft is keeping suspiciously quiet about their upcoming sequel to Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, which was revealed not long ago in one of the company's financial reports. There is of course nothing wrong (or new) about withholding information in the gaming business, but when the game in question - we'll call it GRAW 2 for now - is meant to be released as early as March or April 2007, one would expect more details to be available. And at least some sort of media, be it trailers, screenshots, or just a teasing artwork. But no, nothing!

Well, almost nothing, because the latest issue of US publication Game Informer does revealed a few details about the sequel's visual advancements, as well as some of its gameplay elements. Reported via TVG, GRAW 2 will feature dynamic weather, leading to the formation of puddles after heavy rains and such, and an improved particle physics system, that will see dust clouds move more realistically. Because nothing distracts you more in a tensed tactical shooter, than fluffy clouds floating around.

Gameplay wise, the Cross-Com interface will continue to be refined, and they say it will give you the ability to judge the biggest threat out of several enemies. And you'll probably want to take advantage of that ASAP, because the enemy AI will also be improved in GRAW 2. The example given was that of enemies trying to gain a tactical advantage over the player, by looking for higher ground from which to keep you at bay.

Also according to the magazine, the game will play out over a 72 hours period (much like the fisrst Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter), and the action will continue to boil along the US-Mexican border.

With less than half a year left until the supposed release of GRAW 2, we expect Ubi to start sharing really soon. Perhaps after most of this PS3 / Wii madness has cooled down...

No coverage? Do they want this game to fail? It's not like Equilibrium

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