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Thread: Offering iplay+DM+tvt for KG

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    Well, infact even if you do not need any of these you shud still just give me a KG invite if you have one because:

    1. I have my holidays going on and all my days are spent in searching through the private trackers spotting good movies I havent seen yet and going to the public trackers checking out good movies that are well-seeded. Believe me a KG invite WILL actually make a big difference in my life.

    2. I am offering my best accounts (including giving up my only iplay ratio 6 account) for just this one tracker which shows how serious I would be about the community and discipline and ratio at KG.

    3. I am a 3 year old member here and I am also a trusted trader

    4. You will have my heartfelt gratitude and you can get all of these

    a. Iplay Account - Ratio 6
    b. Datamoon - Invite
    c. Tvtorrents - Invite and as many Gcreds as u want
    d. Anything else you need and i might have

    Really now, if someone has an invite or an unused account lying around please do give it to me. I might not have an sct or ftn or fsc to provide in return but I am giving Iplay and DM and it will make a real difference to me.

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    pm sent


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