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Thread: Can't find the right P2P---Need Help?

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    Please I need some good advice?
    Originally from England as my Dad works for the US Government and so We live in Los Angeles County.

    Been trying to find the best P2P program and have spent money on several that really has turned out a bust. Ive just finished junior college and about to start my first job.

    My knowledge of P2P is not the greatest, so I really need to assistance finding the right program.

    Paid for Rapidshare, but it seems to be overbooked?
    Tried LimeWire, but it didn't really work very good. Mind it was the free appz.
    Best one has been K-Lite, but I obviously want a program without all the crap and adware they bundle.

    Is there a K-Lite out there that has movies to download, especially old comedy's and of course an accasional horror film?

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    First thing you should know:''Never pay for filesharing'' as stated on the top right corner of this page

    Welcome on filesharingtalk btw

    there are several pnp programs available. You can use them all if you want!

    You mentioned you use k-lite. As far as I know this program does not have spyware code in it unlike kazaa. You can download the latest version of klite and find info on

    If you have problems connecting, download and execute snode.reg will help . It can be found here

    If you still have problems feel free to leave a post here.

    You can also install Emule. This is another free pnp program which can be found here

    choose a server (all are OK but I allways choose a server with a low ping value) , connect to KAD (see KAD tab) and start searching. You can use global search (emule will search on ALL servers in your server list) and KAD search. If you have questions just ask.

    You can also install a bittorrent client.I would start with bitcomet

    Just look at the web-tab and select a torrent site. search and press the link you want to download. A window will popup and press ''open''. Bitcomet will now try to download it.

    A good public torrentsite to start with is for instance search for ''axxo'' and select a movie and press download and ''open'' in the next window. bitcomet will open (if not allready) and then press OK. there are a lot of torrentsites available. You can allways download from public ''tracker''-sites which bicomet has a few listed.(like torrentspy) On other torrent sites you need to register to be able to download and search . specialised sites like ''oink'' require you to have an invite before you can use their services. It is allmost impossible to download from these sites but like I said there are a lot of free public torrent sites.

    there are others pnp programs like DC++ and newsgroups but dc++ needs you to share gigs of data and newsgroups are for the more experienced users.

    All pnp networks have their plusses. with Emule and dc++ you can find a lot older thingies. with torrentsites and newsgroups you can download the latest releases and popular stuff. I personally do not like klite but hey if you like it just download from that network.

    If you have problems or questions just ask (and read) in the appropriate sections here on filesharingtalk.

    If you have problems with spyware, slow system etc and you have win xp and you want to clean , secure and optimize your system I can recommend this site. This site is for a more experienced pc user! Read it carefully and follow it step by step if you feel confident enough.

    greetings and good luck

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    hmmm, public trackers aren't good at all i think.... little numbers of seeders

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    it's better than to pay for something that's worse and it's a good way to get started

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjBas View Post
    hmmm, public trackers aren't good at all i think.... little numbers of seeders
    just go ask for a torrentleech invite in the bittorrent invites section, its a damn good private tracker and easy to get a free invite for

    even if noone will give you one just keep checking, people offer them for free every few days


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