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Thread: 50 Uses for Vinegar

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    50 Uses for Vinegar

    1. Kill grass on walks and driveways.

    2. Kill weeds. Spray full strength on growth until plants have starved

    3. Increase soil acidity. In hard water: one gallon of tap water for watering rhododendrons, gardenias, or azaleas.

    4. Deter ants. Spray vinegar around doors, appliances, and along other areas where ants are known.

    5. Polish car chrome. Apply full strength.

    6. Remove skunk odor from a dog. Rub fur with full strength vinegar; rinse.

    7. Keep cats away. Sprinkle vinegar on areas you don't want the cat walking, sleeping, or scratching on.

    8. Keep dogs from scratching his ears. Use a clean, soft cloth dipped in diluted vinegar.

    9. Keep chickens from pecking each other. Put a little in their drinking water.

    10. Tenderize meat. Soak in vinegar over night.

    11. Freshen vegetables. Soak wilted vegetables in 2 cups of water and a tablespoon of vinegar.

    12. Boil better eggs. Add 2 tablespoons water before boiling eggs. Keeps them from cracking.

    13. Soothe a bee or jellyfish sting. Dot the irritation with vinegar and relieve itching.

    14. Relieve sunburn. Lightly rub white vinegar; you may have to reapply.

    15. Condition hair. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to dissolve sticky residue left by shampoo.

    16. Relieve dry and itchy skin. Add 2 tablespoons to bath water.
    17. Fight dandruff. After shampooing, rinse with vinegar and 2 cups of warm water.

    18. Soothe a sore throat. Put a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water. Gargle, then swallow.

    19. Treat sinus infections and chest colds. Add 1/4 cup or more vinegar to the vaporizer.

    20. Feel good. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, with a bit of honey added for flavor, will take the edge off your appetite and give you an overall healthy feeling.

    21. Deodorize the kitchen drain. Pour a cup down the drain once a week. Let stand 30 minutes and then flush with cold water.

    22. Eliminate onion odor. Rub on your fingers before and after slicing.

    23. Clean and disinfect wood cutting boards. Wipe with full strength vinegar.

    24. Remove fruit stains from hands. Rub with vinegar.
    25. Cut grease and odor on dishes. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to hot soapy water.

    26. Clean a teapot. Boil a mixture of water and vinegar in the teapot. Wipe away the grime.

    27. Freshen a lunchbox. Soak a piece of bread in vinegar and let it sit in the lunchbox over night.

    28. Clean the refrigerator. Wash with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar.

    29. Unclog a drain. Pour a handful of baking soda down the drain and add 1/2 cup of vinegar. Rinse with hot water.

    30. Clean and deodorize the garbage disposal. Make vinegar ice cubes and feed them down the disposal. After grinding,
    run cold water through.

    31. Clean and deodorize jars. Rinse mayonnaise, peanut butter, and mustard jars with vinegar when empty.

    32. Clean the dishwasher. Run a cup of vinegar through the whole cycle once a month to reduce soap build up on the
    inner mechanisms and on glassware.

    33. Clean stainless steel. Wipe with a vinegar dampened cloth.

    34. Clean china and fine glassware. Add a cup of vinegar to a sink of warm water. Gently dip the glass or china in the
    solution and let dry.

    35. Get stains out of pots. Fill pot with a solution of 3 tablespoons of vinegar to a pint of water. Boil until stain loosens and can be washed away.

    36. Clean the microwave. Boil a solution of 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water in the microwave. Will loosen splattered on food and deodorize.

    37. Dissolve rust from bolts and other metals. Soak in full strength vinegar.

    38. Get rid of cooking smells. Let simmer a small pot of vinegar and water solution.

    39. Unclog steam iron. Pour equal amounts of vinegar and water into the iron's water chamber. Turn to steam and leave
    the iron on for 5 minutes in an upright position. Then unplug and allow to cool. Any loose particles should come out when you empty the water.

    40. Clean a scorched iron plate. Heat equal parts vinegar and salt in a small pan. Rub solution on the cooled iron surface to remove dark or burned stains.

    41. Get rid of lint in clothes. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle.

    42. Keep colors from running. Immerse clothes in full strength vinegar before washing.

    43. Freshen up the washing machine. Periodically, pour a cup of vinegar in the machine and let in run through a regular cycle (no clothes added). Will dissolve soap residue.

    44. Brighten fabric colors. Add a 1/2 cup vinegar to the rinse cycle.

    45. Take grease off suede. Dip a toothbrush in vinegar and gently brush over grease spot.

    46. Remove tough stains. Gently rub on fruit, jam, mustard, coffee, tea. Then wash as usual.

    47. Get smoke smell out of clothes. Add a cup of vinegar to a bath tub of hot water. Hang clothes above the steam.

    48. Remove decals. Brush with a couple coats of vinegar. Allow to soak in. Wash off.

    49. Clean eyeglasses. Wipe each lens with a drop of vinegar.

    50. Freshen cut flowers. Add 2 tablespoons vinegar and 1 teaspoon sugar for each quart of water.

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    Where's the funny?

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    thats not really funny

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    What about using it as an ingredient in salad dressing.

    It's also nice on french fries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtualbody1234 View Post
    What about using it as an ingredient in salad dressing.

    It's also nice on french fries.
    really? never tried it on my french fries before...but it sounds pretty good.

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    thats like a how to guide. i do have some balsomic vinegar to get rid of though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rossco View Post
    Where's the funny?
    Exchange the word vinegar, for vagina and it might approve to your funny standards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100% View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by rossco View Post
    Where's the funny?
    Exchange the word vinegar, for vagina and it might approve to your funny standards.
    It really works.

    You are so clever

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    Great alternitive to expensive pepper sprays?


    Step 1 - Find "girly" spray bottle with screwy top. (the ones that gives a mist spray rather than a manly squirt. Check your mothers hair products)

    Step 2 - Unscrew and empty. (unless stuff in bottle will achieve same result, then go to Step 4)

    Step 3 - Go to kitchen. Search those little bottles with leaves, twigs and sand in. Find one(or all, for added fun) that says either: Chilli powder/Cayenne Pepper/Ground Chilli etc. etc.

    !TOP TIP! Not sure if the sand you've found'll work? Take a little out on your finger, and rub gently into your eyes. If it burns like the sodomy of Satan , it's a keeper!

    Step 4 - Pour sand(s) you find into the empty girly bottle. Do this until about half full (the middle of the bottle).

    Step 5 - Fill remaining bottle with water, or vinegar, for maximum burn!! Steer away from bottles that have a picture off that pirate ship flag you saw on POTC,yeah, the skull and drumsticks one. These will still be funny, but future actions of percy policeman and Cucumber QC may, again, burn like The Beasts buggary, or worse, cost you/your parents a hefty court fine.

    Step 6 - Screw lid on. Tightly. Shake it like the first time you found porn on the net. If your eyes burn at anytime during this, you need to screw the lid a bit more. Hehe...hope you missed your eyes!

    Step 7 - As your eyes are still probably burning like a mo' fo', best to try it on others to see if it works! No mates? No probs!! Got a pet? Got a nan? Postman?

    Step 8 - Ensure the squirt is not directed at you, but directly at the centre of the targets peepers, somewhere on the middle of the nose. Get as close as you can, aim for a few inches away from them. Too difficult? Warm up on your granddad when his hearing aids out. The old guy wont hear you coming.

    Step 9 - Squirt baby squirt!!! Move in a left to right If burning sensation is felt at this point, return to step 8 and try again. If not, prepare to laugh yor tits off as they drop to their 'king knees howling like a cat. Unless you sprayed a cat. They'd make sounds like a chinchilla humping. Educational.

    !!Why dont you...!! Why not video it on your mobile phone? Post it on YouTube so we can all have a giggle. Keep your hoodie up and your bandana down trooper! Been arrested? Have the last laugh. Keep a spare hidden in your inner pockets. When police person approaches you, keep hands in pocket like a coy kid, when he gets close enough, shoot that birdie down!! Try to film this also.

    Jimbo12345 holds no responsibility for any legal actions, physical beatings or loss of life you may receive due to any actions or homemade defence articles you may have made.

    No legal requirements are met by Jimbo12345. It's always a risk that you may end up in a cell with some big man hung like a stallion, the girth of a Subway sandwich and the sexual appetite of a horny rabbit on viagra, and the hole spraying incident not seeming oh so f'ing clever after all.

    Probably won't happen though. So have a go my son.
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