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Thread: Advice on this 19'' LCD $170 Dlls.

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    Hi guys,
    I just found out this LCD monitor and since it doesn't say that it is
    refurbished, I was wondering what your oppinion is on it.

    I'm feeling strongly tempted to cross the border
    to buy it tomorow, but something tells me that the 1 hr. trip might not
    be worth it. ... I dunno what it is... advice appreciated. Tnx.

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    You'd really have to see it to know.
    Personally, I don't care for wide-screen displays less than 24" cause they're so short (look at the resolution) and the view angle and contrast is not so hot but then again, the price is pretty cheap.
    Furthermore, since they don't mention it, I'd have to assume that you have no height/tilt adjustment either. That could be a problem given the viewing angle...
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