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Thread: upload problem

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    i saw some pictures of people here who are uploading at something like 90kb/s.
    my max is 10kb/s. how can i fix the problem and when i saw the 90 it was the tolat speed of some torrents or could it be upload speed for one torrent?

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    Okay, first of all, what Internet connection do you got?

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    call u'r isp and ask whats u'r top up spd
    if its about 96kbps so u'll upload at 12
    if they'll say 750kbps so u should be ablle to up at around 90

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    OR... use a few of the speedtests online. i got cable and its shitty at uploads, like 3xx kb

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    ok i checked and my uploade speed is 152.64KB/s which means i can upload at 19.08KB/s rate and my second question is how do i use all of this 19KB/s when i am uploading..?
    should i change something in the bitcoment preference??


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