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Thread: Hellp With Music

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    i should have put this here to begin with sorry.
    o.k. I love dance/euro music. my problem is i can't stay on top of all the new songs that come out the way i use to by going to clubs and talking to my DJ friends. i'm always working. what i'm trying to ask here is dose anyone know any good top 10 or 20 or what ever sites for dance and euro. i use to LOVE but for some reson it not up any more.

    anyway any help would be good thanxxxx!

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    I dont have a clue if they are any good as I dont listen to Danvemusic at all. I found them through google, but just have a look.

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    thanx bro!
    thay are ok but nothing amazing, not like i have checked google and nothing good comes up. anyone have any other sites.

    ooo ya thanxs again Benno!

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    WOW WOW WOW!!!

    u guys kick a#@
    thank u sooooo much!!!!!


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