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    how many tv stations do you get with out cable, satellite in australia we have 5 plus 2 cable companys?

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    i get 8 with good shows fox, cbs, nbc, pbs, WB, abc, pax and one more dont rember the name and one with only christian brodcast

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    lucky we need more free to air channels

    does daytime tv suck as much as it does here?

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    Without cable - hmmm......
    TV1 - no adverts - bit like the beeb in UK
    (after about midnight - its news right up to the early morning)
    TV2 - no adverts - same as above
    TV3 - commercial - films/sport/series/crappy soaps etc
    TV4 - commercial - films/lotta sport/series/crappy soaps
    TV4 digital - sport sport sport - the occasional film (dosnt send 24 hours)
    Kanal 5 - commercial - films/no news broadcasts/series etc
    ZTV - music/mainly for teens etc/some films at 21.00/David Letterman every night!!
    MTV - well we all know what that is!?
    Eurosport - with Swedish commentarys
    Local TV channel - crappy stuff - good for a laugh

    Probably one or 2 others, but thats what i get without paying anything extra.
    I dont watch TV much these days - except for the odd film every now and then.


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    MTV free we have to pay the only music vids we get is friday nite saturday morning/nite sunday morning

    anybody download any music vids at the end of it it say encoded by ZED?

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    TV is horrible it's just a way to control your actions think about it a long time ago it was all happy shows and stuff like that now you see cops and fbi files and stuff pretty much telling people if you break the law we're gonna find you and you're gonna get your ass kicked which sub consciously begins to make people believe it and never want to do anything they don't want you to do then in between them they show some cheesey shows to make you not think anything of it and channels like MTV trying to make the opinions on there be above other stuff when they say they're not but really they are TV baaaaaad keep it away every time you feel the need to watch TV just smoke some crack it's probably better for you sorry about that I like cheese too but I don't know why those little guys keep taking it away from me MOOOOOOOOOO goes the cow

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    dont mind me. just on a spamming spree.

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    dont mind me. just on a spamming spree.

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    we get 5 free channels. and about 20 free to veiw digital channels. (uk)
    and u also have the choice of satalite and 2 dif cable companys.


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