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Thread: I Need Help With Vc

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    Ok, I burned the game VC CD1 and I installed it
    When I am loading up the game, it said to insert the "PLAY" Disk in
    I already downloaded the crack from and still the same thing pops up
    Do I need to burn the second disk?
    cuz second disk only has radio files
    if I do need to burn the second disk, could somebody give me VC CD2 .042 to .050

    Thank You

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    What did you name the cd? Sometimes that makes the difference. I have the same problem.

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    yeah dont you have to change the file extention

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    you don't have to change any extention

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    If you want to play VC with only downlaoded CD 1, Just disabel your sound card in system Properties!!!, and play until you get CD 2 with then you can enable sound back

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    There has to be people who know what to do. You always here of someone whos been playing this.

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    dude you need cd2, dont worry though your not missing anything if you have playd it for ps2.

    Check game copy world they have the no cd crack and such , it may help.

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    I finally got it. I used daemon tools, mounted both the cds and the cues, did not need to burn them, installed the game, put the crack on, and it started. But you do need the second cd.


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