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Thread: Magneto Vs. Neo

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    I know alot fo opinions might get tossed in but to me its all to simple

    Zap Magneto into the world where Machines are rulling the earth and you'd quickly see why Mags is the only one who'd deserve a title called

    "Universe's most bad mother-shut-your mouth(I'm just talkin' about Mags)" he'd whipe the floor with the bots and never bother having to go inside the matrix. Neo outside the matrix is just a punk. So the Magneto vs. Neo man to man fight is well no contest

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    hmmm, yeah

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    well I thought it be a fun topic smart ass, but I'll live. Hot topics are not my thing here but its a relife to know I don't have to use online forums like this one to help me with the girls.

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    lol help with girls... i have a friend like that.
    Outside of the matrix Mangento would kick ass cuz the machines are mostly metal and it wouldn't even be a contest.

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    comment on that again after you see RELOADED... thats all ill say

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    hmm kinda a little more leaning to Magneto not totally obliterating everyone irl after watching the matrix reloaded. wtf?! how did neo do that?! There's like a matrix inside the matrix or something

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    I think wolverine could whip neo ass also,all hes gotta do is slash him with the claws.

    With his healing factor and neos flying ability it would be a nice match.

    Besides what good is all that karate jujitsu tai chi ,its all hand to hand combat .Neo is handicapped because of Logans claws


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