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    I resently got a router to network computers in my home and have since found that kazaa is no longer practicle. I have set the router to forward the appropriate port but to no availe. I have searched the subject in several forums and as I understand it, kazaa seems to be using my LAN ip as a WAN ip and preventing me from connecting to other users using a router. Most of this stuff is over my head so please don't try to give fixes for the problem with lots of technical jargon as I wont understand. What I really want to know is, is there any way that the K-lite developers can develope a fix for this problem in the program itself so that the program can read the WAN ip address and use it instead in one of their future k-lite builds? For that kind of thing to work for me it would have to handle a dynamic ip connection. In the mean time does anyone have any 'fixes' I can use that would be easy for someone new to networking to understand.


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    Tired of researching this problem. K-lite's know being removed and I'll use eMule (can get High ID). It's not as fast as K-lite used to be for me but it definitely runs a hell of a lot faster than K-lite does now and the router has become more important than file sharing.


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