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Thread: Confirmed: Naruto Anime Fillers to end in February; Series Re-named

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    It has now been confirmed that the Japanese Naruto anime series will be returning to it's original storyline as told in the Naruto manga series, coming this next February, a few short months from now. Along with returning to the story, Naruto will be getting a brand new name to go by. It is nothing big that will blow your mind, but nonetheless a couple of words have been added - Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles - which appears to play reference to Naruto being a Wind Element user. This is also the name that the fourth Naruto movie, due to be released in theaters next Summer, will be going under as it is a movie that will take place after the time-skip. Now there, is something to the thankful for this Thanksgiving.



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    Finally! After what? 100 or so filler episodes? It came to a point that i just fastforwarded lots of episodes that didnt interest me the least bit. I used to love this series immensely. Now its stock has dropped down a lot in my book.

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    at last

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    Hey, it got the record for the most amount of fillers for any show....ever.
    I miss the days of random nut '03
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