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Thread: I Have A Problem With Jackasses Who Do Nothing But

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    grip over the fact that they do not understand a problem/question when your asking one. I posted a yes or no question that had many people look at it, one person answerd. They said I don't understand the I don't understand and could you be more clear protocal when you wasting your own time bitching instead of just moving on. Thanks for your attempt to answer a question but why do you assholes who I am talking about have to go on like wanna be english teachers. Yes or No questions or as I put it in my last one "Can or Can not" should be a clear enough question, I'd think unless your more concernd about looking cool and making yourself feel better by bitching like a woman.

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    Maybe because a lot of members do not have English as their first language?
    It might excuse a few people not understanding.
    Just a thought.

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    yeah there is...always that..possiblity


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