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    Ok, I'm starting over...

    Threre are a few movies on my harddrive which keep crashing my computer (mostly dvd screeners) I know its been talked about before but I just wanted to clarify..

    I keep WMP and DivX as my players.
    -Is there any others I should get?

    I am going to get rid of all my codecs and get K-lite bundle
    -Is that the best bundle or should i get more than one?

    Thanks for the help!!

    and if anyone else has had problems with movies sticking and playing again before crashing, what have you done to fix it?


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    the k-lite codec pack contains almost every codec you will need to play back video files. you can also get the real alternative (for real player content) and the quicktime alternative (for quicktime content). with those i wouldnt see a problem playing any video file you have. the codec pack also contains divx anti-freeze, which can fix some of the freezing and crashing of divx files (.avi). after you have those, if youre movies keep crashing, its likely a corrupted file

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    One more question..

    Is the only place I need to remove the codecs from in..

    device manger - sound, video and game controls - video codecs (and then romove them under the properties tab?)

    Thanks again!!

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    One more question, I see a k-lite pack 5.0 and a 2.0.2 K++ version.

    I want the 5.0 right?

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    dont worry about removing the old codecs. the codec pack will write the new files needed in the proper places. that should overwrite any of the old ones. the codec pack is at v2.0.3. you can get that here >>

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    hi laudanum

    Threre are a few movies on my harddrive which keep crashing my computer
    are they all divx movies or are they xvid aswell?

    this is more than just bad frames freezing as it is very random

    cos i am having a similar problem, just with the divx codec, if i use WMP or winamp to play the movie my system hangs, but when i use "media player classic" at least get an error message "" has caused an illegal op

    maybe try media player classic to see if this is the fault.

    if this is the fault could you reply as it will help me loads

    do you have a tv tuner card?

    do you have kazaa lite running whilst playing your divx movies?

    are you running windows me/xp/2000?

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    I am running 2000 and do not have a vidoe card and play the movies without background apps running. The movies that I had the most trouble with were xvid I believe I deleted them but I think thats what they were.

    As for the player, I was using an old WMP so I downloaded WMP 9 and still had the problem as well in DivX player.

    I don't have a winamp player because I was having trouble no matter what I played it, I figured Winamp probably would be the same.

    I have since downloaded another file for the movie and it works fine so maybe it was the file.

    Hope that helps


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