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Thread: A Public apology for Loayunknown

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    It would appear that I was more than a bit hasty in my accusation of Loayunknown. It was sniping_g and not Loayunknown who was the cheater. I must have gotten confused in the giving away of invites and I am truly sorry. I was so pissed I didn't take the needed steps to really make sure who the bad guy was. Basically I f**ked up big time. V has been nothing but gracious to me and pretty cool in that I offered him a free invite now or in the future of ANY invite I would have as I feel TERRIBLE about this. He has humbly declined, what a champ! My offer will still stand if he ever changes his mind I leave it open and compleatly up to him. I have learned a lesson in all this and that is to be much more sure of who I would accuse of such an awful thing as cheating. Again man I am sorry for slandering your good name here. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.


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    nothing wrong man take it easy, and dont feel sorry because you didnt kno, theres even no need for this thread, just make sure who it is next time

    no need for the invite either
    have a nice day
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    Good to know you got your name back. ^.^

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    I apologise to all that i may have also wronged although i have not got onto anyones bad book yet i presume!!!!!
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