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    Some kind of playa like one in a million I suppose.

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    PS2 Media Player? What, is it just some movie/mp3 player (like Winamp I suppose but with a Ps2 skin?)that has a PS2 "lookalike" interface and layout or is it has something to do with playing PS2 media/games, whatever it is?

    I don't wanna download it yet. Looks like some amateur made it and it's in Spanish/Portugese and I can't be F using something without knowing the controls.

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    PS2Reality to mediaplayer 1.28e New version of the best reproducer multimedia for PlayStation 2. Again a renewed version of our reproducer. Again a beta, but that offers substantial new features: "official" support of installation of player in memory card, for users of DMS3 and similars. Complete support for the remote control of dvd (for the official of Sony and others) Possibility of Abrir/Cerrar the tray from the remote control, something that Sony will include in its next version of PS2. Complete support of memory card, with own icon 61 incluídas types of source for subtitles Reproducer MP3 with navigator to choose the songs System of personalizeable reading with 3 parameters: trycount, hitimes and lotimes New system search for the films Added new languages: Portuguese, Pole and Rumanian And of step we dare to announce characteristics that not yet are implemented in this version, but which already they are being developed: Sound AC3 New graphical interface (GUI) Support for several tracks of audio Support for network by means of ps2vfs and pounds tcp/ip psì know went first in sending to scene of the PS2 a reproducer of Divx for console PS2 and now they have removed the second version from this, although he continues being a beta has many improvements that versiona previous. These are: More quality of exit Possibility of using 32 bits of color Recording of the options in the Memory Card New options of configuration recognized Subtítulos 4CC XVID Códec of high quality mp3 selectionable Possibility of seeing AVI with audio ogg (noncOgm) New instructions


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