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Thread: Matrix Revloutions Trailer

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    Well heres the trailer for 'revolutions', i know u aint seen reloaded yet, but screw it and watch anyway (it looks the shit)...

    Looks like u get a major final battle with Neo and Agent smith amongst other things!!

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    i'll watch it after i see reloaded this weekend!
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    nice one brov

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    Matrix Revolution, supposedly the other one of the three movies being released in the same year (2003)?
    At first I thought the MAtrix Revolution was some sorta short film about the analogy of the the matrix, turns out otherwise now.

    Mind feeding me more about the 2 other (or is it 1) movies that are heading out way after the matrix reloaded??

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    revolutions is part three, supposedly more of it takes part inthe real world, then in the matrix, final and last part, and that news, and the trailer is about all that is known

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    after revolutions there will be three movie in the matrix trilogy. I don't think that there will be any other after that. I read somewhere that the three movies are supposed to be birth, life and then death. Right now I don't know what that means but I think I will have a better idea once I see the second one in 7 hours

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    I read somewhere that the three movies are supposed to be birth, life and then death. Right now I don't know what that means.
    Birth = Matrix = Neo
    Life = Reloaded = dunno I guess it's just going to be them alive.
    Death = Revolution = A death I suppose? Maybe Neo. This could be the life of Neo.

    Just wanted to say something!

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    well its afilm, so the good guys WILL win, so im guessing the matrix dies

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    Just watched it, looks good, just saw the 2nd, can't wait for the 3rd.

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    when does matrix 3 will be coming out, do they have a date, any other info about this??

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