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Thread: Older Cartoons?

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    Anyone know a torrent site were i can get old carttons like Angry Beavers, looney Toons, Animaniacs
    When The Cartoons Were actually Good

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    Check out Demonoid. I did a quick search for Animaniacs and found a bunch of seasons. I also know they have Volumes 1,2, and 3 of the Looney Tunes Golden Collections in DivX. As for angry beavers never heard of it and didnt find anything.
    BTW I agree with you that the older cartoons were much better. Up until they started putting on this new crap I loved my saturday morning cartoons. Its nice to see some of the "Vintage" cartoons on once in a while.
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    lol, myspleen is your source for most cartoons. They have angry beavers too.


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