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Thread: newsleecher help

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    My newsleecher just crapped on me..Now it shows me a tiny box asking for a name and a one line key...and won't open..says all keys invalid..Help..I tried unistalling and reinstalling etc..nothing is working..ideas?
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    if i can suggest to you another programm, it should be Newsbin Pro, i use it from a while and it's the best for me, only thing that is missing is a search service .. I'm using the 5.30 version !

    For Newsleecher i use v3.8 Beta 2 with Newssearcher ..

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    I picked up ultraleecher..Anyone know much about this proggy?

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    Ultraleecher is still in Beta test phase, as my version has expired, i can't start it now, but you'll remark that it's like Newsleecher, i think it's a Newsleecher clone !!!


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