Looking at the number of threads that come up each day to discuss the best tracker for a certain kind of warez, I think it'd be great if we could have a subsection like the invites section dedicated to this discussion.

We could have abt 5-10 stickies, each dedicated to a certain type of warez and all discussions related to it. I think the community here is mature enough in the bittorrent arena to make this the definitive guide to private trackers on the internet. Moreover there could be threads dedicated to really specialised kinda stuff like standup comedy or xbox games or horror movies or dvdrips or german torrents which don't have to be stickied but which dont get lost in all the newbie threads coming up each day and have a single thread dedicated to themselves.

They could perhaps be read by everybody but posting may only be allowed after a certain number of days like the invites thread so that newbies dont come and create spam threads etc.

Ofcourse the mods are the ones who will be takin a final call on this but I hope everyone discusses and either shoots down or contributes towards this idea. There maybe great private trackers there which have awesome speeds and pretimes but finally none of them have that many files to contain almost every file we need and not everyone manages to get accounts in the best ones anyway. So I really think there is a need to have threads dedicated to our interest and where we can come lookin to discover unknown trackers which are highly specialised or have discussions abt them.