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Thread: MS Anti-Piracy Tool Gets More Friendly

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    Microsoft has rolled out an update to its Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications component, which pops up a notice on the desktop informing users that their operating system is not legitimate. The revision introduces a wizard to improve the installation and validation experience.

    WGA is a controversial part of Microsoft's new approach to battle counterfeiting and illegal copying of Windows. The first piece of this initiative, WGA Validation, was launched in July 2005. Microsoft later expanded the program with WGA Notifications.

    Although the program is technically "opt-in," WGA is required when downloading software and updates from Microsoft. WGA has been generally well received, but reports surfaced earlier this year that WGA Notifications connects to Microsoft servers on a daily basis, sparking an outcry from privacy advocates.

    OOps Maybe I should have given a lnk to this great too ?

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    Meh, always keep the OS legit if you ask me.
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