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Thread: Any1 Know How I Can Get Rid Of That

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    its a small thing but slightly annoying!! so does anyone know how i can get rid of the "provided by bt openworld" crap at the top of all my internet explorer windows?!?!

    i've uninstalled all the openworld shite already, any help much appreciated =(


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    It requires a registry hack.

    Run regedit, go to:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Internet Explorer\

    (by clicking once on the plus signs beside each of these). Once you get to Internet Explorer, doubleclick on "Main" to expand its contents in the right scroll down til you see "Window Title" and you will see it says "Internet Explorer provided by <blah blah blah>". Double click on the words "Window Title" and a box will come up where you can change the title to anything you like.....get creative&#33; Why stick with Internet Explorer? Name it something like "My Personal Browser" or anything you want. Close the Registry Editor.

    Backup your registry before doing this. If in doubt, there are scripts out there that will do this for you. Just do a Google search for "change Explorer title bar."

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    I changed what mine says a long time ago.
    I made it say Provided by Naraku. That way it fits the Inu Yasha theme of my desktop.

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    Winboost gives you the option to change that. You can either download the trial version, or search for it with Kazaa. Just make sure you get the right version for your OS (2.0 doesn&#39;t support XP).

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    great tip, harrycary. this problem never really annoyed me, it was just a little bit frustrating.
    now i can change it to anything i want

    p.s. sometimes i get a little over excited about the small things

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    ha ha, me too...cheers guys.

    man...i love this place =P

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    Hey man that is a good tip.
    But the key does&#39;nt exist in my reg.
    I checked hkey local machine to.
    Here&#39;s a pic of my hkey current user.
    Do I need to make this key?

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    I was wondering the same thing ShockAndAwe^i^.

    I&#39;m using 2000 pro, and there is no registry entry that I could find for that.

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    If it doesn&#39;t exit just create it.

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    Good deal, It worked fine.

    Don&#39;t I feel like a complete dumbass...

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