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Thread: Brain waves goosed by game violence

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    Doc reports on behavioral changes that occur after kids are exposed to graphic violence in games.

    At the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America this week, doctors who specialties includes the interpretation of X-rays and MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) presented data suggesting that teenagers who play violent video games exhibit increased activity in "emotional" areas of the brain as well as a decrease of activity in "self-control" areas of the brain.

    Dr. Vincent Mathews, a professor of Radiology at Indiana University School of Medicine, told Reuters that his study used data collected from magnetic resonance imaging of the brain immediately after subject teens played either violent or non-violent games. Mathews and his team monitored the teens, aged 13 to 17, after the gameplay, observing them complete various assigned tasks. The study required the teens to complete tasks requiring concentration and processing of emotional stimuli while their brain activity was scanned, according to Reuters.

    "What we showed is there is an increase in emotional arousal. The fight or flight response is activated after playing a violent video game," Mathews said.

    The games used in the study were Medal of Honor: Frontline and Need for Speed: Underground--the former being the game the doctor said exposed the teens to scenes of violence.

    "Our study suggests that playing a certain type of violent video game may have different short-term effects on brain function than playing a nonviolent, but exciting, game," Mathews said.

    The study recorded changes in brain activity in 44 teens. Mathews told Reuters he hopes to continue researching the impact of games on the emotional well-being of children.
    I thought this was interesting since we do have gamers here.

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    Hmmm... "recorded changes in 44 teens"... 44 out of what? the ratio is important not the number.

    most problems in children derive from bad PARENTING in my honest opinion.


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