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Thread: understanding btjunkie and private trackers

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    i wondored if anyone can tell me how it all works, i recently signed up to via vip section and said that in order to download from a private tracker site, that i would need to find what torrent i'm looking for with then once i find which torrent i want click on it and it should take me to a private tracker site, in which it says i should sign up for it follow instructions and i've become a member of a private tracker site, but there are a few things i'm confused with
    1. i've signed up with
    2. do i have to put in private tracker on btjunkie search options?
    3. when finding a private tracker site and signing up do i in future just sign in to the private tracker site of choice and search and download from there?

    and do i need a bittorrent client for these private tracker sites, or does it download from the site with no client? i've been told that movie and tv show downloads can be done in under 60 minutes with private tracker sites but i dont know how; if a normal bittorrent client has to be used, if it has to be used at all?
    if anyone could tell me just how it all works would be good because it's a bit confusing at the moment???

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    Just register to private tracker and access it via login in their page i do not know about this btjunkie but by the looks of it its making a mess of torrenting.
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    but do i need to download a bittorent client for these private trackers or not??

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    yes, you need a client to download, its a program. in the sign of gamer4eva you see some


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