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Thread: Could Existing Malware Infect Vista?

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    Microsoft has touted Vista as a more secure version of Windows, but on the day of Vista's official launch, a security company has identified malware already in circulation that can infect computers running the OS. Sophos identified three viruses typically spread through e-mail that can infect Vista customers who use a third party Web e-mail client. While Vista's e-mail client stops Stratio-Zip, Netsky-D, and MyDoom-O, the malware slips past Vista's defenses when users receive infected messages through a Web-based e-mail service, Sophos said.

    Stratio-Zip topped Sophos' list of malware affecting computer users in the month of November, accounting for 33.3 percent of malware in circulation. Combined, the three viruses that can affect Vista users make up 39.7 percent of all malware in circulation during the month, Sophos said. However, even if the malware Sophos identified slips through in an e-mail, customers won't necessarily be affected, another researcher said.
    I expected alot in Vista's security...

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    Hope not there's some really annoying malware out there. I'd rate surf sidekick 3 is one of the top 10 most annoying things on the internet.
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