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    To play consoles for far more to begin leave themselves, than by the manufacturer originally planned, we already described. Whether Nintendo's Gamecube or Microsoft's Xbox , all play consoles eingehaucht sooner or later gotten from eager Tueftlern or software developers new functions. On the list the DivX compatibility stands completely above. No miracle, the consoles are nevertheless located usually in the living room, possess a CD drive assembly and the necessary computer engineering. That now Sony's PlayStation gets an appropriate software for playing, was thus only one question of the time.

    WAD Catz, an accessory offerer for play consoles, presented its new software, which makes possible Sony's PlayStation showing music, films or also pictures at the play trade fair E3. "GameShark Media Player" is called the software, which exists a PlayStation 2 with network connection in the core of the QCast technology of BroadQ and for the feat necessarily.

    After manufacturer data the GameShark Media Player supports the video formats Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4, DivX 3.x to DivX 5.x. besides can the videos in the 16:9-Format or over an HDTV adapter on appropriate RK sports club televisions (US HDTV standard) with progressive Scan (480p) is shown. The maximum video dissolution amounts to 720 x 320 (broad display format) or 512 x of 384 (4:3) pixels. With the audio expenditure OGG Vorbis and MP3 are supported. Photos can be indicated as JPEG and png.

    In America the GameShark Media Player will be available starting from summer 2003 for approximately 50 USD. Whether the GameShark Media Player in Germany is offered, remains questionable. WAD Catz acquired only the rights to distribute for America. In addition there are technical differences between the European and the American PlayStation 2. While the European systems use PAL, the American NTSC. uses besides has Sony up-to-date still no network adapter for European systems in the assortment.

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    could i get that in laymans terms?
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