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Thread: Heating Problems I Think

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    Hey evryone.
    I made back in x-mas a pc of the following standards:
    512mb sdram 133mhz
    2000+ athlon
    geforce 4 mx 440 64 mb
    pc chips 510 mobo
    i have added a bigger heat sink on the vid card and i have got an adequate heatsink on the processor. and yet while i play games at 16bit+ vid quality. games like unreal tournament half life q3 etc etc the pc goes for about 5 minutes and then reboots. i check the temp of the chips and there about 50 degrees. my brothers runs smoothly at 70 degrees. what the hell is going on.

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    your 50 degree (celsius?) cpu temp doesn't seem overly high (my 2700 runs around 50 degrees), however, your brothers 70 is far too high. i recommend he gets a new heatsink as soon as possible. when i first got my new cpu, it was running around 64-65 degrees and there is some damage to the back of the cpu.
    if you want to lower your cpu temp, then i suggest an all copper heatsink, with a good thermal paste (possibly arctic silver 3) as the interface solution.
    the automatic rebooting problem may be either due to a bad installation of the game or to windows settings. which os are you running?
    if you're running xp, then auto restart may be enabled.

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    I already am using artic silver 3 and all copper heatsinks but im running win2k. Is there a auto reboot setting in it......?

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    yea i have just removed the reboot auto in the advanced menu and it has helped alot. i can now play for alot longer. i am also going to trade in the vid card because if there have been default chips oput and i MIGHT have one then ill xchange it. thanx alot for all of the help you guys have given me


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