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Thread: Installing a CPU and Heatsink

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    So I'm about to install my CPU and Heatsink.

    The CPU is:

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Conroe 1.86GHz 2M sharing L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor

    The Heatsink is stock and comes with the processor. I was reading through my Motherboard's manual and it talks about using thermal tape in replacement of the thermal paste (since it hardens, etc.)

    Now for the CPU instructions, it doesn't say anything about paste or anything else for that matter. So I look at the bottom of the heatsink and see these three strips (where it would be touching the CPU)

    I'm assuming these strips are the thermal tape my motherboard manual was talking about, correct?

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    i'd grab myself a zalmann 9500 w/some "thermal paste". thermal paste is a better conductor which better cools ur cpu and makes better contact with the hsf.
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    Thats strange, I know the new core duo's run cool but I have never seen thermal tape put on so it only contacts the cpu surface at three strip points. Usually the tape will cover the entire cpu surface. Whatever! If it were me I would remove the tape with alcohol careful not to scratch the heatsinks surface and apply Artic Silver. A drop a little smaller than the size of a b-b would cover the entire surface.

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    The reason the tape is applied thusly is because it expands/spreads to cover the IHS under the pressure of installing the heatsink.

    If you were to remove the HSF after a few days of use you'd see the die was completely covered.
    I've also seen thermal paste pre-applied in a pattern of dots which does the same thing.

    I seriously doubt that AS5 would make a damn bit of difference, all other conditions being the same.

    If the OP is considering an aftermarket cooler, I'd skip the Zalman in favor of a Tuniq Tower.
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