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Thread: Mannequin The Video

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    Hi im looking for this video of mannequin just wondering if anyone could send me the hash for it or post it. thanks in advance


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    Video of Manequin? What you just sit and watch from the outside of a department store for 2 hours ?
    Okay. j/k there. Is this show very old?? I remember I was like 5 years old or something and I watched this show with my parents...

    This guy was in a department store till about time it closed. I think he stayed there just to pass the night. Then, during the night, he witnessed a murder and pretended to be a manequin as he saw that...
    I may phrase it pretty bad since I can't really remember the details all that well. But I remember the murderer found out and he ended pursuing the guy...etc so on so forth..

    If you are referring to this film it's gotta be really old because I'm 16 now and I watched it when I was a child


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