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Thread: Fifa 2003

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    I've read all the newbies FAQ!
    but i still can't work out how to run/install fifa 2003?
    it's an iso or so it says!
    i got new version of nero (express) and it don't seem to tally with what was in FAQ?
    when i burn it to disc and then put disc into drive it just shows up what i put on it instead of running like a normal game!!
    please help

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    i got the .bin and .cue files off of kazaa, and mine work fine. it took me a bit to figure it all out as it was my first time, but it worked in the end. sorry, don't know about the .iso. i do know that i had problems using nero express, and had to end up downloading and using some different burning software.

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    right start nero in burning rom press iso then new then go to file click once and go to burn image if u have iso it will work if its a bin u need to burn image with cue file hope that helps

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    Thanks for your help!!
    by the way sacabocado (sorry if mis-spelt)
    which burning software did u use in the end???

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