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Thread: Can anyone answer this torrent client question?

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    Is there a bitorrent client ,where i can leech files one after the other,without having to start each file.Something like DAP or flashget.
    Example i have song 1.torrent and song 2.torrent.
    I open both in the same client and start song1.torrent and put song2.torrent in queue.
    Which client does this automatically.??
    I know u would get banned if u do so,but i need to know this information

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    in utorrent you can limit the amount of active downloads so it woud queue everything past a certain number. so file 2 wouldnt start until file 1 is finished downloading.
    I don't know if there is a way to automatically stop the torrent after it's finished downloading (if that is what you are asking). I haven't looked. even if you are leeching off public sites you should leave it up and seed for at least a little while.

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    You can stop them in utorrent. Specify how much you want it to seed before it stops seeding the file. or to a certain ratio.


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