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Thread: Scene vs p2p

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    Scene vs p2p

    What do you think?
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    P2P would not be so great without the scene, but P2P does have a lot of good non-scene stuff from sharers. I think it's like comparing apples to oranges though. p2p is for the masses and the scene is not.

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    P2P wouldn't be what it is today without the first forerunners of the scene establishing the morals and the dedication for sharing files. However, P2P created a expansive dynamic that broke news stories and reached the lives of millions. It's much like the Romantic writers after the French Revolution. They were a small group of writers that didn't have much influence until they were older, but even then many of them died unknown and penniless (e.g. John Keats). However, years later they blew open a movement for the Modernists and a world of imagination that wouldn't have happened without them.

    The Scene allowed people to wield power. P2P allowed people to exploit it mercilessly.

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    All who call themselves "oldschool"-[scene]groups, feels anger towards the p2p. Why? Sceners do not tolerate sharing their releases massively trough a peer-to-peer protocols and networks. I think one of the scene`s main ideas is that only chosen and known people are able to obtain the files. But with thousands of releases leaking from the FTP:s and other places to private and even public bt-trackers is a big boost to p2p-"scene" and a loss to the real thing.

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    Without P2P very few people could get their hands on scene releases. But it's also a a fact that almost every scene group hates when their releases are spreding on P2P...

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    however, scene still have loads of stuff that p2p doesn't have


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