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Thread: s*t?!?

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    whats going on with s*t? has anybody noticed that there getting beat on pre times for some releases by over 8 hours? did they lose an uploader? i love s*t but when bitsoup and ilt are beating you on pre times then theres someting wrong. im not knocking s*t im just wodering whats going on!

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    Who knows. They have always been beaten by other sites 1/2 the time if not more anyways. Maybe one of their uploaders is on vacation or maybe they are having issues with seedboxes or something. Never know. I doubt they would post a news post to say the exact reasons lol

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    ppl have lives and cant sit at the p.c's 24 hours a day to upload releases instantly. i think overall u'll still find their pre times to be more than satisfactory.
    and even with my internet recently upgrading to over 3 times faster down speed, im still yet to find a torrent i max out on. even with 1 seed and 20 leechers(newly added torrent) i still max out in seconds.

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    They use 100mbit seedboxes. I never max out I come close to it though at times when dl off SCT.

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    ScT pwnzor at download speed...i prefer to grab it later at high speed than earlier at crappy speed


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