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Thread: Monitor 19" (or Bigger) and TV Tuner

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    im after a new monitor 19" or bigger
    gunna go for the widescreeen type, seems to be the best option to go for, as all films/tv episodes i watch r in widescreen and mostly all games now support widescreen. (dont game to much anyway)

    would like it with:
    DVI x2 or DIV + VGA (would like to plug pc + laptop up to it and if i decide to get a console i could plug that up insted of laptop)
    19" or more
    response time of 8ms or less

    wouldnt mind it with the fetures:

    and also after a tv tuner, dunno if i should go for a usb 1 or a pci 1, usb i get the option of plugging it up to laptop.

    and not sure if i should go for a digital 1 can i still use analog as well on it? id like to be able to view the sky analog feed from down stairs.

    price range:

    monitor 100-250
    tv tuner 50 max

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    I'm looking for a 19" also. Can anyone recommend anything that won't have trouble with games but will also show very realistic colors for photoshop and editing. Good brands and what to expect to pay etc.

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    Here's the monitor I'm using currently, and have been v happy so far with it, never had any problems etc.


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