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Thread: Create A "file" From An Entire Cd

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    i have a cd (let's call it "software program X"), which i wish to share with others. how do i create one "FILE" which when downloaded by another user, will "autorun" as if the user just placed the cd in his/her computer?

    let's take a simple (but deliberately misleading) example:

    what if the program was a game, and if the game was inserted into your computer, it would autoplay, and thus auto install and load?

    obviously, the cd contains many files in many directories, starting with the main file: install.exe ? signed tutor

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    I wish I knew that one too.
    But you could use WinRar to create a self extracting exe.
    Your buddy would still have to double click it after dl'ing.

    Are you trying to install a... lets say SUB 7?

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    You need to make a CD Image, wich you can burn later and then open just as the original CD.

    For example .bin, .iso, .ccd and .nrg files are images from different cd burning programs.

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    Use Nero or Winiso to make an image of it. .iso, .nrg ,.bin


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