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Thread: Offering WildBytes (Power User Account)For those Who Have Seedboxes and Wanna Help

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    Patriot foreve's Avatar William Wallace
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    Aug 2006

    i want some massive seedings to be done to one of my high ranked accounts in the next two weeks so i am offering a WB (PU account) for anyone who has a seedbox and willing to seed some massive quantity into my account

    You will have access to my account,download whatever what u want but u have to reach that upload amount that i will specify in about two weeks,it shouldn't be tough for you if u have a seed box because the tracker speeds are so great whether in upload or download

    The Details About the Tracker and the amount that should be uploaded will be delieverd to the one who will be chosen

    So here is the Deal

    Offering all below trackers that will be yours forever

    WB (PU account)+Bitmetv invite+oink invite+PolishBytes account+Iplay Account


    350 Gigabytes to be uploaded to my account at a highest Rated Tracker which has high speeds either uploading or downloading and i will tell the tracker name for the one who want the deal


    If You are atrusted trader and i already know u then u don't have to show me any proofs

    If you are New and wanna get your shot then u must specify me the details of your seedbox,show me screenshots for your upload and download speeds in decent trackers like oink or similar sites with your nickname shown on it

    Waiting For PMs
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    Pm sent

    sorry i ment to send a pm but made a post instead lol .


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