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Thread: Free payserver in December.

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    Easynews is testing their new usenet server, in December everyone can use their server for free
    login :
    password : beta

    8 connections, max. 20Mbit

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    thank you soo much! i was looking around for some free news servers earlier and only found one called yottanews, which is mediocre at best. this one is working very nicely though

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    Thanks. Going to force this on some of my friends so they finally understands what Newsgroups is all about. Maybe they'll get their sorry asses out of the god damn P2P world!

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    Thanks for info ..

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    note: retention may vary from groups..
    but most of it are from 8 days max!

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    Thanks just of to test it

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    Wow they must have a ton of free bandwidth. People are gonna leech like theyve never leeched before I can only get a few KB getting headers (newsbin will only use 1 connection) but im gonna use 8 connections to download.

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    4 connections are far enough

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    Very nice. I was just thinking of trying them out. Thank you for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E} View Post
    Easynews is testing their new usenet server
    Easynews Phoenix AZ USA claims that is no part of them.

    It is running Diablo software and posts are damgaged by the Diablo posting bug.
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