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Thread: Download Problem

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    I've tried to download the following file from 4 different sites:

    I've used both my FlashGet, and My regular windows downloader. Each time its done I go to open it and there is nothing there/its corrupt?
    This also happened when I tried getting a screensaver from another site.
    I'm using winXP.
    Could this be a packet problem? I did not have trouble with other Files.
    Is there a tweak I can make to stabilize my modem? (56K)
    Try to get it and see what happens

    (UPDATE) Oops I think its my winrar :"> Please don't :flame:

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    downloaded......i unzipped the .zip file and ended up with a .rar file. extracted that and everything was there. is there anything in the .zip file that you got?

    edit......i really need to start typing faster

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    I'm pretty shure now it was my winrar. I was using version 2. something and it calls for version 3.0
    If this isn't it, I'll update this post.


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