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Thread: Electronic Arts Gets More Bad Publicity

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    We've all heard before that there is no such thing as "bad publicity", but some publishers seem to be doing everything in their power to disprove that saying. Such was the case with Electronic Arts a few days ago, when they un-invited a Spanish gaming website / blog from a Command & Conquer 3 event, because it had bad-mouthed FIFA 07 (who hasn't?!). Apparently the story received way too much attention wordlwide (thanks to the likes of Kotaku), because the very next day, EA sent an apology for their previous mail - which was published in full on Merodeando. Here's what it said, in English:

    "As you understand, there are many gaming websites that would like to collaborate with us, and we have to give priority to those which, in our modest understanding, treat us better.
    It is not feasible for us to engage in fluid communications with you given articles of this type, and accordingly your invitation to visit our offices to see Command and Conquer 3 is canceled.
    If you agree, we should let time pass, and we'll see how things evolve and see if it's feasible to send you materials and invite you to this type of event.
    The original text in Spanish is said to have been equally non-diplomatic and poorly written, but the subsequent apology was clearly sent by an EA representative who was higher ranked, or at least better trained in the arts of PR:

    "A person from EA's Management (Note: They could also mean PR) contacted us this morning to apologize for the email we got, and to try to settle things with us. We've accepted the apology and we'll be meeting with them shortly to figure out a way to keep a normal business relationship, just like we do with other companies. They're man enough (Note: so to speak) to admit their mistakes, and we think it's only fair to let our readers know about it."
    When will publishers learn that there are too many would-be-journalists who don't give a damn about politics, and stop blackmailing the press for positive coverage? Because that's what it is, ultimately.

    -------------------------------------------------- that sounds like what you'd see in a scam letter.


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