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Thread: Is This A Problem?

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    Im just using Bittorrent for the first time to d/l "you know what" and the window is displaying the message ERROR (08.30AM) Problem connecting to tracker-(10054,'connection reset by peer&#39.
    Should I be worried?
    Will the file be corrupt?
    Will the world as I know it end?

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    this is from the bittorrent faq's....

    I get an error message starting with 'problem connecting to tracker', what should I do?

    The tracker for the one particular file you're trying to download is probably down. Try to download again later.
    Alternately, this error message may indicate that your net connection is down or doesn't allow arbitrary outgoing connections, which is necessary for BitTorrent to work.

    someone else will have to tell you details about the possibility of corruption....but at least you know what the error means


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