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Thread: Damn Slow Bitorrents

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    see this is the problem

    firstly i have a broadband connection of 128 ntl

    but any bittorent i download seems to peak at about 8kb/s
    and usually is a slow and suicidal wait

    i also found that close kazaa the download will drop
    now wats the sense in that

    i dont know how to use the irc option

    so anyone out feels they can help plz do

    and its reloaded im trying to download
    surley this should be faster cause its anew file right??

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    I too have this problem. Since I started using torrent I had been able to download at optimum levels e.g 50kbs, howvever, last weekend the maximum I was getting was 30kbs, then over the coming days it slowed down to 12kbs. To my dismay I was checking my line integrity, reinstalling drivers etc etc, I even queried if my ISP had put a cap on my downloads- pc and line were working fine. The only thing I can think of is that theres far too many leechers/servers are going down. Anyone else having this problem?

    p.s Could it be a$$holes that have downloaded that bittorent client that allows them to reduce their upload bandwidth?

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    maybe it could be that so many people are trying to d/l it that it is slowed down

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    The feed that you are getting is probably slow because the file has few complete sources, or lots of people on 56k are helping to share files. Everyone is in such a rush to get the files. Be patient, it will get to you.
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    maybe is because u dont undestad how bittorrent works just see the numbers of seeders u will open ur eyes ha ha ha 800 for 5000 leechers Hummm very funny ! isnt !

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    you have to open the port used by bittorrent

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    and remember your download speed is decided by your upload speed. So if you are not uploading, you will not get good download.
    On the flip side, if you max out your upload, your download will be slow, because each time you finish a part and your computer goes to tell the peers it wants more, that request is delayed because of the full upload queue.
    So, try limiting your upload, I just set it to 20kb/s LESS then my total upload bandwidth. This way there is always available upload so that my machine can request new pieces without delay. Using this method I usually max out my download bandwidth on any well seeded torrents.


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