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Thread: Installing From Multiple .iso Files

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    Please help!

    I've downloaded Microsoft Streets and Trips 2003 in two .iso files, opened them and burned the content of each to separate CDs.

    The "install disk" seems to run perfectly well but when the "run disk" is called for, the computer won't recognize it in the drive.

    What's going on? Both image files appeared to be complete.

    Do I need to rename a registry entry, change some part of a file or name the CD so that it will be recognized?

    Any help y'all could offer would be appreciated!


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    i hav'nt got a clue!!
    But iso r image file u should'nt hav to open or anything, just burn them straight to disk or u could tri and mount the iso with deamontools
    and find a crack

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    Yeah, opening an ISO file will taint it!

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    Never having worked with ISO files before, I opened it using WinRAR, copied the contents to my desktop and then burned the CD's from their.

    If Spindulik is onto something, how do I burn the ISO (using Nero) without simply copying the "file.iso.exe"?

    I'm sure you've probably already answered this question a billion times. If there is a FAQ I should read, just refer me.


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    m8 if thats a double extension remove the exe so its just filename.iso

    Open nero then file, scrolldown to burn image and select ur file and burn

    To remove the .exe
    control panel>folder options>veiw then remove a tick from hide known file extensions


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