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Thread: Xvid Movie Crashes At Certain Frame.

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    Hey, when my (XVID) movie gets to a certain frame it brings up the Crash dialog box and crashes, i tried repairing the file with DIVXRepair (which also works with XVID and uses VirtualDub) and when it gets to that frame, it crashes aswell, is there a program i can use to prevent this, or so i can repair the file. Thanx

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    M8 u could open the file with vdub and search for and cut out the bad frames
    or u coUld tri changin the 4cc code to divx and install divx anti freeze,
    which may help the movie from crashin or freezin

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    How do i change the FourCC do i just go into VirtualDub and save it as an AVI but compress it as a DIVX> and will it loose quality

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    no m8, u don't need to reencode the movie.
    The 4cc changer just allows and other codec say (divx) to b used to
    read the file instead of the original codec (xvid)

    U can find the 4cc changer and divx anti freeze progs in the kazalite codec pack or through a search on google.

    with the 4cc changer goto start menu>program>4cc changer
    select ur file then in the top box choose xvid,divx in the other, now the file will b read with divx instead of xvid.

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    4 a quick fix Install ffdshow, and it should play through the frame frezzes, the picture might go a bit wobberly for a few seconds, but you wont have to restart the movie, you can get it here


    worked for me


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