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Thread: How safe is bittorrent HELP!!!

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    hi everybody, i am a newb to the bittorrents and i am also new here. I have read the faqs and guides on bittorrents, but there is one thing, how safe is bittorrent. you download the file and at he same time someone else uploads it from you. We all know you can get caught by the big people if you share your files. I had a friend who has never been caught by using bittorrent for almost everything until just recent he got a letter from his internet service provider(optimum) stating as a warning or a heads up that the mpaa of warner brothers suspected him of sharing or distributing the movie The Departed and may file a suit for copyright infringement. I am hoping for my friend it is just a warning and that those fools don't follow a suit. The letter also had the all the information that the mpaa retrieved such as the ip, the program that was used, the movie file, time and date. This is some scary stuff. Is this happenign more frequently for bittorrents? Is this just for certain movies or files? I know there isn't a way to disable the sharing. What can I do to prevent what happened to my friend. The reason why is because with bittorrents, you can download anything and its easy. It is better than anything that's out there.

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    I have gotten a few letters from NBC and such but that was when i first started and on puplic trackers.. Nothing ever happened and I never used puplic trackers again.. Private trackers have proven to me to be very safe .. Find a good private tracker and it won't happen..Private tracker are the way to go...

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    if you're transferring copyrighted material that you don't have the rights to distribute, you can be caught. it doesn't matter if you're using a public or private tracker, although the odds seem lower by using private trackers. if you can't afford to run the risk of being caught, bittorrent is not for you.

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    Unless you know and trust every member of the tracker you are on, it is not safe. It only takes one nark to ruin the party. If copyright laws apply in your country BT might not be for you.

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    I have gotten nothing from nbc' etc!

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    a single safe question is how to provent someone from sharing your pc !

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    thank you for your replies. I heard and are good torrent sites. Anyone recommend any better and safer sites?

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    Try get into private sites, public sites mean MPAA and RIAA can be snooping around, private sites are a little more secure.

    Your next question is probally which private site, well a good start is Demonoid, its has open registrtation on Fridays and once you have been here for a month and have more than 5 or 10 posts check out the invite section->open registrations thread and get into some sites from there.

    Once you have built a few ratios up, you then can ask for better private trackers, see Syd list on rating of sites(sticky in invite section)

    If you like there are also programs like Peerguardian which download and block certain ips, such as MPAA RIAA.

    Remember you are never 100% safe, but thats the risk we all take, enjoy.
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    Usually when I hear about someone being caught using BitTorrent, it involves movies which are in theaters. The MPAA seems to be the most diehard about keeping the movies from being distributed. I rarely hear about people getting in trouble for anything other than movies, although Im sure it still happens. But movies are what people seem to get in trouble for the most. That is the reason why I stay away from them (well, mostly because they tend to be crappy quality).

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    I suggest that you use newsgroups.....

    This is a link to a free newsgroup only for december. If you like it subscribe to it. You cannot get caught with newsgroups. It is untouchable to RIAA or MPAA.
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