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Thread: Splinter Cell Crc Error

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    Hey, i burned splinter cell to 3 cd's and when i was installing i got to CD2 and about halfway through it says something like CRC error, the data on maps.smo does not match the file on setup, the medium to which you are writing could be corrupted, but i press ignore on that one and it installs fine and it seems to play fine also but i only played it for about 15 minutes, everything runs nicely... am i going to run into errors later?

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    You've had the bad luck to download a corrupted image. Or you can try to repair the image by using cd-mage. Or you can try to unpack the image with winiso and ask someone for the files where he gives that crc-error. Or you have to download it again. It will only be 1 cd, but you have the probability to download the corrupted image again. So I recommend to try the two first. It'll probably give an error in the further going of the game. Maps seems like a file you really will need. Just try it this way first


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