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Thread: Rob-B-Hood - Jackie Chan (2006)

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    titled Bo bui gai wak or Baby in the USA. very good jc film. still lots of action w/jc's comedic role. jc plays a burglar/gambler that's asked to kid-nap a baby. he doesn't wanna do it, but does it for a friend. he becomes emotionally attached to the baby and doesn't wanna give it up... and is faced in the mighty show down at the end for who gets the little one.

    don't think there's no action here by my quick synopsis either. jc's jumpin up building, dodging cars, good fight scenes and even gets chased by a roller coaster! film is a pretty lengthy one at that too clocking in @ over 2 hours long. not the best, but really damn good. a good watch for any jackie chan fan out there.

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    I have seen the`s not the best but it`s cool.


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