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Thread: Software To See Your Shared Folder

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    Ok here's the Deal iam not new Kazaa but iam new to Kazaa Lite and while browsing Kazaa lite the other night i recived a message from somebody saying i had a good movie collection when i asked how he knew about this he told me he had software to see my shared folder...

    is this true or is my New Kazaa lite ass being tricked

    if it true where can i get such a cool sounding piece of software....

    Thanks and take it easy

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    When you download a file from some one right click on and choose ==FIND MORE FROM THE SAME (ALBUM, ARTIST ,USER,)== and you can see the user file .

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    you can also use that when you just searched for a file and you can get the same results

    he doesnt have anything special. its just a good feature of the program
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    Uh... actually, the 'Find more from the same User' was available on KMD for as long as i remember...

    If you don't want ppl to view your files, either enable the thing to block it in one of the newer K++ versions, or change your name to defaultuser@kazaa (Find more from the same User only looks for the same nickname, i've tried it many times and am sure of it... so it will most likely find some other defaultuser@kazaa before you).


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