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Thread: KSE Band History & Albums?

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    so, i acquired kse's dvd (Set This) World Ablaze and while watching it i noticed they've had multiple vocalists. i read something like the first two albums were made and by the 3rd album the new vocalist came into the picture. after he'd proven himself as the new singer they redid the first two albums? someone can elaborate on this? i have all the albums, but if there are multiple versions i will be needing them. if u have access to ALL versions it would be appreciated if u could pm me the torrents or at least direct me to where i should go. i've looked for alt. versions, but haven't been able to find them. maybe there aren't any... idk. can someone shed some light on this subject?

    as for their november 2005 dvd release i'm digging it. i just wished it had more of a death metal feel than it has, but that makes them who they are and their good at it. the new singer fits right in. thx.
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    KsE was originally fronted by Jesse Leach. he did the vocals for their 2000 and 2002 releases (self-titled, and alive or just breathing). he got married and couldn't hack touring anymore so a new vocalist was found in howard jones. howard did the vocals for 'the end of heartache' and the new album 'as daylight dies.'

    as far as i'm aware, they have never re-recorded any of their albums. howard does an amazing job singing them though since he's a very capable singer imho.

    hope that helps.

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    7,734 , Oinks got all of their albums.

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    Ya Jesse was their first vocalist, now its Howard.

    And yes, Howard is hands down a million times better than Jesse.

    God damn I'm loving the new album (ok ok, I'm only loving tracks 1, 3, and 5)

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    Howard Jones had an earlier band, Blood Has Been Shed. It's not the same stuff as KSE, but good if you like the hard stuff. My favorite KSE track has to be the live version of Fixation on the Darkness with Howard doing the vocals.


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